"Prestige" Swedish Vodka Essence

Swedish Vodka Essence to add to your favorite tasteless alcohol to give it a new flavor. Only shortly after the aroma has been added, the beverage will develop a full aromatic taste. Share it with family and friends or with special guests.

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   Prestige Swedish Vodka Essence - for 0,75 L of a typical Swedish Vodka by simply adding the aroma to a tasteless alcohol. After a short while you can already drink your favorite beverage. The essence is made from all natural ingredients and galangal root extract.

   20 ml of essence are sufficient for 730 ml of tasteless alcohol (40 % vol.) - that can be self-made or store-bought - and is mixed together to receive a nicely-flavored beverage. Drink it pure or mix it with lemonade, coke, orange juice or whatever you may like.

  • 20 ml for 750 ml of tasteless alcohol

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