"CopperGarden®" Alquitara Distiller 2 Liters | With Aroma Sieves

2 Liter Alquitara distiller from the CopperGarden forge with a divided boiler and aroma sieves. A true masterpiece and highly suitable for producing potent hydrosols and essential oils. The Alquitara is also ideal as an outdoor and travel still, as it works without an electric cooling system and can be used on all burners, even open fire.

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"CopperGarden®" 2 Liter Alquitara Distiller with aroma sieves

This wonderful and extremely uncomplicated Alquitara distiller is at the same time a well-designed and meticulously crafted masterpiece. We have divided the boiler and used a total of three sieves in front of the cooler. This allows you to fill the entire upper area of the distiller with a plant material of your choice and gently steam it over a wide surface. It's amazing how well it works: With this Alquitara distiller, you can actually obtain excellent and potent hydrosols, as well as good amounts of essential oils from plants with high oil content.

The Alquitara distiller is made entirely of copper and remains a very good choice for the distillation of essential oils and hydrosols because the paths for the steam are particularly short. The steam can transport the precious ingredients of your plants unhindered to the cooler.

The boiler, with a nominal capacity of 2 liters, can be filled with approximately 1.25 liters of water for daily use and steam the aroma sieve safely and without boiling over. There is a second removable copper sieve in the upper area, allowing the upper section to be filled with up to 600 grams of lavender flowers (our test plant), reaching into the head of the distiller. This quantity guarantees a good yield. We recommend distilling about 350 ml, which guarantees maximum efficiency and quality. A third sieve, permanently soldered in place, prevents herb particles from passing through the cooler with the steam. All in all, it is a masterpiece and due to its affordable price, it is the perfect beginner's distiller that we happily recommend, especially for those who want to distill on the go or in the garden.

  • 2 Liter CopperGarden® Alquitara Distiller for the production of hydrosols | Latest 2022 model with improved herb sieve
  • Legal and notification-free in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for the production of flavors, hydrosols, and essential oils
  • Compact and affordable beginner's distiller for easy production of hydrosols in hobby settings and while traveling
  • Price-performance winner in our internal comparison test: Affordable price | Minimal accessories required | Space-saving | Large steam chamber

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<h1>"CopperGardenu00ae" 2 Liter Alquitara Distiller with Aroma Sieves</h1> <p><b>Ideal distiller for producing your own hydrosols and essential oils</b></p> <ul> <li>Declaration-free distiller (can be delivered to individuals without customs notification)</li> <li>Special distiller for steam distillation</li> <li>Extra spacious steam chamber (for up to 700 grams of lavender flowers)</li> <li>Easy to use even without a cooling water pump, you can add cooling water with a jug or hose</li> <li>Best EU brand quality from CopperGarden Manufaktur in Portugal (= fair working conditions and terms)</li> <li>Forged with love and expertise for you</li> <li>Consists of five parts (2-part divided boiler, head cooler, and two removable aroma sieves)</li> <li>Nominal value: 2 liters = we recommend filling with 1.25 liters of water</li> <li>Height: 35.2 cm, Width: 23 cm, Depth: 23.3 cm</li> <li>Weight: 1,690 g</li> <li>Cooler volume: 940 ml</li> <li>Herb filling volume: 1.6 L</li> <li>Boiler bottom diameter: 15.4 cm</li> <li>Boiler opening diameter: 12.8 cm</li> <li>Cooler inlet and outlet diameter: 13 mm</li> <li>Copper is antibacterial = increased durability of your distillates</li> <li>Cooling system: Head cooling with water (best results with ice or cooling packs)</li> <li>CO2 neutral shipping directly from our warehouse in Rhu00f6n</li> <li>Can be visited and tested in our exhibition in 36132 Eiterfeld-Buchenau</li> </ul>

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