"Aurum Negro" Incense 60 ml

Black Frankincense as used in churches. A heavy fragrance for a deep experience.

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Aurum Negro Incense

A mixture of "black gold" resins – Heavily fragranced church incense for special occasions and ceremonies. Resonates within the soul. A heavy and solemn scent.

Recommendations: we suggest you use quick-lighting incense charcoal. Place a bit of sand in the bottom of the thurible or incense burner, so as to collect the resin and charcoal residues and avoid damaging your burner. Light the charcoal, held by tweezers or tongs. Once ignited, place the charcoal on the rack (for burners with a rack) or directly onto the sand. With a mortar, crush the resin and sprinkle it onto the charcoal. The resin will diffuse its fragrances and you can to add more as you go. Once you’ve finished, don’t forget to put the charcoal out with water (this is extremely important as it’s the only way to put it out completely). Throw away any remains of charcoal and resin as well as the sand. Clean your burner for safe storage. 


  •  Aurum Negro incense, black gold
  • Heavy fragrance church incense
  • Ingredients: Various frankincense (Olibanum) resins, Benzoin, Myrrh, Abies balsamea
  • Glass flask of 60 ml (approx. 40g) with screw-on lid

<ul> <li>&nbsp;Aurum Negro incense, black gold</li> <li>Heavy fragrance church incense</li> <li>Ingredients: Various frankincense (Olibanum) resins, Benzoin, Myrrh, Abies balsamea</li> <li>Brown glass flask of 60 ml (approx. 40g) with screw-on lid</li></ul>

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