"Berk" bergamot essential oil of Reggio (certified organic agriculture) – 5 ml

100% natural essential oils, from certified organic cultivations in Italy.

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"Berk" bergamot essential oil of Reggio

This versatile essential oil is extremely important in perfumery. 100% natural, it is made exclusively from bergamot trees cultivated along the Ionian coast in the Province of Reggio Calabria in Italy. A production of unequalled quality. The essences are gently extracted using cold pressure to preserve the complexity of the hundreds of subtle aromatic notes, characteristic of bergamot Reggio oils. About 200kg of bergamots are necessary to produce 1litre of essential oil.

As this quality essential oil is extracted from an organic production, it can safely be used for aromatherapy or to produce natural perfumes.

Used since hundreds of years to produce cologne, bergamot essential oils are also used as an aromatic base note and top note, in a number perfumes.
The aroma of bergamot fruits, fresh and lemony, is also appropriate for food and can be used in all sorts of desserts, drinks, salads etc.
A pleasant and refreshing aroma for your ambient living space, a top note for your homemade perfumes.


  • Bergamot Reggio – 100% natural essential oils, from certified organic cultivations
  • 5ml in a brown glass jar with dropper cap
  • Gentle manufacturing process (cold pressure)
  • Berk = a great brand with high quality standards 
  • Top note : a pleasant and refreshing lemony perfume which blends well with over 350 aromas
  • Appropriate for aromatherapy – soothing – stabilizing – relaxing - purifying


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