"CopperGarden®" copper wool (50 g) for distillation & rectification

50 g of copper wool made of very fine copper threads for the distillation of spirits and essential oils using our famous CopperGarden® column stills. Also suitable for rectification to obtain tasteless high-proof alcohol.

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"CopperGarden®" copper wool (50 g) for distillation & rectification 

50 grams of the finest copper wool made of pure copper thread. The 50 grams are sufficient and generously calculated as filling for the 0,5 liter stills for high-proof distillation. If you fill the vapour chamber of the still with this copper material your distillate goes through a purification process. More hydrogen sulphide bonds to it, which results in a milder flavour – and you can distil high-proof alcohol since you increase the rectification effect (just as with raschig rings).  

It is also suitable for self-made stainless steel stills. During alcohol distillation the vapour should always flow through the copper material. This copper wool also helps a stainless steel still to process the hydrogen sulphide.

1 to 2 packs are sufficient for "Arabia" stills up to 3 liters, for filling a 5 liter column still you could need as much as 10 packs. 


  • Finest copper wool 
  • 50 grams in a bag   
  • For rectification
  • Or as a sieve 

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