"CopperGarden®" decor still Alquitara 0,5L

Lovely, very decorative alquitara still for lovers of original copper decoration. Ideal for collectors and as a souvenir.

Item number: E-5235
Product weight: 340 g
Shipping Weight: 850 g


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"CopperGarden®" decor still Alquitara 0,5L

This decor still consists of a copper boiler and a top-mounted condenser with a water container, just like the large original models. A simple and perfectly functioning concept which was brought to Europe by the Arabs a very long time ago. Even Leonardo da Vinci distilled successfully with stills constructed like this..

   A particularly lovely and decorative model and display item, naturally made of genuine copper. But if you really want to distil, we recommend the model of the identical construction, but reworked to include a spirit burner. 

  • Decor stille Alquitara
  • Width approx. 135 mm, depth approx. 135 mm, height approx. 230 mm
  • Copper weight: approx. 324 grams, shipping weight: 860 grams
  • Material: copper, partially hammered and highly polished, coated with protective lacquer
  • Use: decoration - after removing the protective lacquer also suitable for distilling  

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