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2 L Barrel with wooden stand in a set, European oak wood

European oak barrel adds only little flavour and colour to your wine. Perfect for storing and aging!

Item No.: U-5011

Shipping weight: 2500 g

Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

European oak barrel of 2 liters holding capacity. The inside is coated with paraffin wax which makes it suitable to store drinks while only imparting little flavor and colour.

The barrel will be delivered with wooden stand, tap and bung (wooden), sulphur and funnel and is low-maintenance compared to the toasted American oak barrels that need to be watered frequently. 

European oak barrels will be delivered dry and are just as easy to store as bottles or other containers. Due the paraffin wax the drinks stored inside the barrel will not evaporate over time.


  • 2 liter oak barrel, European oak wood
  • the inside is coated with paraffin wax
  • adds only little flavour & colour to drinks stored inside
  • uncomplicated handling and cleaning


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