"Prestige" Black Sambuca essence 20ml

You can also make the famous black Sambuca with the coffee beans yourself without further ado - thanks to this aroma essence in no time at all!

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Prestige black Sambuca essence

   Premium quality Sambuca essence 20 ml in a glass bottle. This amount mixed into alcohol yields about 0,75 liters of the most tasty black Sambuca, an Italian anise liqueur with a rich flavour.

Add the contents to 0,75 liters of vodka, Korn or tasteless self-distilled alcohol (made of sugar water with turbo yeast!) and leave the whole mixture to stand for a while. The only thing missing is a coffee bean in the glass and the Sambuca is perfect…


  • Aroma essence black Sambuca 
  • 20 ml for 0,75 liters self-made Sambuca
  • Ingredients: natural anise essence, caramel coloring 

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