"Prestige" Coffee Liqueur Aroma, 20ml

This particular coffee liqueur is easy to make and very delicious! You should definitely try it!

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"Prestige" Coffee Liqueur Aroma, 20ml

20 ml of aroma sufficient for 0.75 L of a very delicious coffee liqueur. The perfect sweet treat for a fun evening with friends & family.

Drink it pure, with ice or mix it with other drinks!


Add the contents of the 20 ml bottle to 135 g of sugar. Fill into a 0.75 L bottle with a neutral alcohol (eg Vodka). Shake until the sugar has fully dissolved and enjoy!


  • Prestige coffee liqueur aroma 20ml
  • aroma essence for 0.75 L of a tasty coffee liqueur
  • Ingredients: Natural aromas of coffee and Irish Whiskey, caramel, Glycerin, inverted sugar

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