Prestige turbo yeast 48H - 17 % in 5 days

17% alcohol in 5 days! Fast turbo yeast to ensure fermentation even at high temperatures. Perfectly adapted for clear fermentation of sugar water and fruit mash.

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"Prestige" turbo yeast 48H - 17% 5 days

   The original Prestige turbo yeast from England is not our bestseller for no good reason: with this improved turbo yeast you can obtain an alcohol content of 17% within 5 day…

   Why turbo yeast? If you need a high-proof, tasteless alcohol as fast as possible then you are best served by turbo yeast. Simply stir the yeast into 25 liters of sugar water or sweet juice, allow the mixture to stand at 20° to 32°C and you are all set …  

   Alcotec turbo yeast can do even more: You can also use this turbo yeast for fruit and fruit wine or for the production of mash! Especially if you add extra sugar to your mash, this turbo yeast performs wonders! The Alcotec turbo yeast ferments reliably and safely and can quickly draw the flavor out of the fruits. Due to the effectiveness of the adapted yeast cultures unsuccessful fermentation is rare

   Another advantage: Particularly in summer and in southern countries fermentation can take place even at very high temperatures (up to a maximum of 32°C) using this turbo yeast.  Our essences and aromas are an excellent addition to the turbo yeast. If you ferment sugar water with turbo yeast and distil it, you obtain a neutral alcohol, to which you can then add an aroma essence and quickly transform it into your favourite drink.

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  • Prestige turbo yeast 48H
  • 17 % alcohol in 5 days 
  • Perfectly adapted turbo yeast with nutrient salt
  • For 25 liters sugar water / 100 liters fruit mash

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