Aroma and Incense Holder "Copper Dream" ❁ low smoke

Aroma and Incense Holder "Copper Dream" ❁ low smoke thanks to the use of tea lights

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Aroma Incense Holder "Copper Dream"

Unique and sturdy aroma lamp made of copper and painted iron (charcoal). Handcrafted to use with tea lights for especially low smoke development. The copper pan is adjustable in height for perfect heat conductivity, which is beneficial for resin and incense.

Charcoal tablets are not needed. Therefore, the fragrances or resins you use can be fully enjoyed without additional smoke.

The aroma lamp is also usable with your self-made essential oils and hydrosols. By placing the copper pan a bit higher and by observing the water level, you can use several drops of essential oil in water and enjoy the pure scent.

A little copper bowl is available as an accessory that can be placed in the copper pan, for larger amounts of water and essential oils.

Create a pleasant ambience of aroma in your home. This is especially nice during winter with cinnamon scent!

  • Aroma and incense lamp "Copper Dream" - low smoke
  • Height-adjustable copper pan to use with incense/resin
  • Usable with essential oils and hydrosols! 
  • Sturdy handicraft, made in India - painted iron (charcoal) and copper
  • Dimensions: total height ca. 14 cm, total diameter 9.5 cm, copper pan diameter: 6 cm

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<ul> <li>Aroma and incense lamp&nbsp;"Copper Dream" - low smoke</li> <li>Height-adjustable copper pan to use with incense/resin</li> <li>Usable with essential oils and hydrosols!&nbsp;</li> <li>Sturdy handicraft, made in India&nbsp;- painted iron&nbsp;(charcoal) and copper</li> <li>Dimensions: total height ca. 14 cm, total diameter 9.5 cm, copper pan diameter: 6 cm</li></ul>

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