"Baldini" Organic Aroma Lavender 5 ml

Lavender flavors finally reconquer the kitchens again! These aromas are perfect to disperse a pleasant scent into a room as well as being highly effective for aroma therapies and cooking alike.

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   With "Baldini" aromas it is a real pleasure to prepare and enjoy a nicely flavored meal due to their outstanding qualities and unique characteristics.

Therefore, this Lavender flavor is a classic among aroma oils, thus has been used for many centuries around the world, especially valued in the ancient Rome for its encouraging as well as stress relieving effect. Today, it is still used in aroma lamps for relaxation and to strengthen the nervous system.

   Baldini flavors are very popular in the kitchen, adding a very unique and special taste to your food while cooking or by applying them afterwards. Using them in salads truly is a completely uncommon but highly welcome experience.You can also experiment with different flavors and take it to the next level by creating a Lavender foam and apply it on a delicious fish fillet - you will definitely taste the difference! The possibilities with these aromas are nearly endless.

  • Theobroma cacao, France,
  • 100 % natural aroma
  • 5 ml in little brown glass bottles

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