"CopperGarden®" Tabletop Still ITALIA 2 Liters | With spirit burner

Newly revised tabletop still for 2022 with improved aroma sieve directly in the distillation helmet. Great table-top still suitable for hydrosols and essential oils, thanks to the enhancements. No need for notification in DE, AT, and CH. In Austria, it is also allowed to use for spirit distillation and flavoring alcohol (e.g. for gin, raspberry brandy, etc.).

Note: We also offer this wonderful still with a thermometer and electric hot plate or in a fully equipped worry-free package.

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Product weight: 3500 g
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"CopperGarden®" Tabletop Still ITALIA

The ITALIA is a fantastic and long-established tabletop still made of copper that you can purchase here in its basic configuration with the new aroma sieve and a spirit burner. In the newly revised 2022 version, the helmet can be fully utilized for steam distillation. The aroma sieve can be screwed on below and securely holds all botanicals, herbs, and spices in the steam. The ITALIA is a wonderful still for steam distilling hydrosols and can even be used in Austria for the production of gin and spirits using alcohol.

The boiler holds exactly 2 liters, in accordance with the alcohol tax laws (AT & DE), and is therefore exempt from registration. You can acquire this still from us without any bureaucracy and use it at home. Due to its compact design, the ITALIA still is always ready for use and a versatile talent. You can distill directly from the boiler (e.g. rose water) or, with a filled helmet, thanks to the aroma sieve, you can also distill and flavor in the steam. As a versatile tabletop still, the ITALIA offers the possibility of fractional distillation of essential oils on a small scale. Thanks to the short steam paths, you can expect good quality and even use the distillation set therapeutically in aromatherapy.

The ITALIA is also quite stable and safe. The distillation helmet is securely closed with three screws, preventing accidental opening during distillation. You can distill safely wherever you want, even with children or pets around. The ITALIA still is designed as a modern tabletop still for hobby use but is equally suitable for commercial demonstrations and experimental distillations.

Additionally, the new stand with spacer cork is great. Even if you purchase the economical basic configuration with a spirit burner, you can always order a "Rommelsbacher" electric hot plate separately for electric distillation. The stand has been specially redesigned for this purpose and is compatible with both the included spirit burner and the electric hot plate with the included cork.

With the ITALIA still, you can produce concentrated plant waters and high-quality essential oils. Depending on the laws in your home country, you can also use it to flavor alcohol (spirit production) or transform wine into brandy or beer into beer schnapps. The cooler is screwed onto the vapor tube, and thanks to the cooling water inlet and outlet, you can even create a proper cooling water circulation and use the still for continuous distillation.

Note: The pictures still show the previous version with the aroma sieve on the boiler. We provide the revised 2022 model with a fully fillable distillation helmet. Some pictures show the version with the "Al-Ambik®" distillation thermometer installed. It is not included in the delivery but can be ordered separately. We will deliver the still with the thermometer already installed as shown in the pictures. The thermometer can also be retrofitted later, but it is not included in this package.


Why you should buy the ITALIA tabletop still at Destillatio:

  • We distill ourselves and have extensive knowledge in the field. The improvements in the still come from our experience and good collaboration with the coppersmiths.
  • You will receive the 2022 revised original from the "CopperGarden®" manufacturer in Portugal. Everything is perfect here, and you will surely love the still.
  • We deliver the model adjusted to the alcohol tax law, with a 2-liter boiler that does not require registration, a spirit burner, a revised stand, and the new aroma sieve.
  • The still is exempt from registration and completely legal for the distillation of water, hydrosols, and essential oils. In Austria, you are also allowed to use the still for flavoring alcohol (spirit production) and for gin.
  • The ITALIA can be upgraded at any time with an electric hot plate (Rommelsbacher Reisekochplatte) or the distillation thermometer.
  • The delivery includes a wooden and iron stand, a screwable aroma sieve, a spirit burner, a spacer cork, a silicone hose, and a PVC cooling hose. Accessories and spare parts are always available.

<h1>Destillatio Warranty for the Italia Hobby Still</h1> <p>In addition to the statutory warranty, Destillatio offers you a full two-year dealer's warranty on this item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio Warranty Statement</strong>.</p>

<h1>"CopperGarden" Hobby Still&nbsp;Italia</h1> <ul> <li>Declaration-free hobby still&nbsp;with spirit burner and aroma sieve</li> <li>New model 2022 with screw-in aroma sieve in the helmet</li> <li>The helmet can be fully filled for steam distillation</li> <li>Ideal steam still&nbsp;for removing impurities and gin production (AT)</li> <li>For the production of fine hydrosols (DE, AT, CH)</li> <li>Straightforward handling</li> <li>Complete with stand, spirit burner, and aroma sieve</li> <li>Made with love and expertise</li> <li>EU brand quality from a family-run workshop in Portugal</li> <li>2-liter boiler size</li> <li>Screw-in aroma sieve in the helmet</li> <li>CO2-neutral shipping directly from the Rhu00f6n region</li> <li>Vegan production without animal products</li> <li>Height: 44.5 cm, Width: 37 cm, Depth: 19.2 cm</li> <li>Weight: 2650 g</li> <li>Cooler volume: 700 ml, Cooler bottom diameter: 8.5 cm</li> <li>Kettle bottom diameter: 8.5 cm</li> <li>Kettle opening diameter: 14.5 cm</li> <li>Cooling water inlet diameter: 8 mm, suitable hose: <a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/zubehoer-zum-destillieren-und-kochen/brennerei-zubehoer-zum-destillieren/zum-destillieren/schlauch-8-x-11-mm-transparent-lebensmittelecht/a-845/target=u201c_blanku201c">E-6218</a></li> <li>Cooling water outlet diameter: 8 mm, suitable hose: <a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/zubehoer-zum-destillieren-und-kochen/brennerei-zubehoer-zum-destillieren/zum-destillieren/schlauch-8-x-11-mm-transparent-lebensmittelecht/a-845/target=u201c_blanku201c">E-6218</a></li> <li>Distillate outlet diameter: 10 mm, suitable hose: <a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/12-mm-silikonschlauch/a-11042/" target="_blank">E-6591</a></li></ul>

<h1>What can I distill with the 2-liter still?</h1> <p><strong>Important note:</strong> The CopperGarden Italia still can be legally sold in Germany since January 1st, 2018, without registration with the authorities, according to the new German alcohol tax law. Please note that as a vendor, we explicitly state that this still can only be used for distillation of distilled water, hydrosols, essential oils, flavors, fragrances, perfumes, fuels, food products, alchemical experiments, etc., or as a collector's item.</p> <p>If you distill alcohol, you may be subject to a fine and seizure of the distillation equipment. We would be happy to sell you a new still in that case.</p> <p>Please note that in Germany (and in Switzerland), it is not permitted to produce alcohol for personal use, and in Austria, you are only allowed to distill for personal use with previously taxed alcohol. Shipping to Austria and Switzerland, as well as to other EU countries, is possible at any time and without registration with the authorities.</p>

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