"Alcotec" Pectinase enzyme, 1gram package - 25 liters

Pectinase enzyme, in handy single-use packs, is used to liquefy mash from fruits which contain pectin (apple, pear, quince, etc.).

Item number: E-7178
Product weight: 1 g
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"Alcotec" Pectinase enzyme, 1gram - for 25 liters

1 gram pectinase enzyme shrink-wrapped in a bag, for quickly and reliably liquifying 25 liters of fruit mash. Supplied in convenient single-use bags, each for 25 liters of mash.


  • "Alcotec" pectinase enzyme, 1gram - for 25 liters
  • 1 gram = sufficient for 25 liters
  • For liquifying fruit mash 

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