"Ferrari" stainless steel storage cask 35L

Ferrari stainless steel storage cask in the 35 liter size – for your juice, wine and spirits

Item number: E-7949
Product weight: 3500 g
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"Ferrari" stainless steel storage cask 35L

35 liter capacity stainless steel cask with practical spigot which can be screwed in using the threading mounted on the cask. Top quality from Italy. Due to the material and the wide opening this cask is very easy to clean and keep sterile. This is a big plus for your juices - the cask is really suitable for storage and decanting your own juice, cider and wine, as well as for spirits or flavoring with aromas like wood chips.

Delivery includes the spigot and cover. A floating lid is also available as an additional accessory - this floats directly on top of the liquid and prevents the intrusion of bacteria. The use of the floating lid is especially recommmended when juice is stored without using preservatives. This storage cask is also available as a set with the floating lid - if necessary the lid can also be ordered later. 

  • Stainless steel cask 35 liters
  • With spigot
  • From Ferrari in Italy
  • Very hygienic, Easy to clean
  • Diameter: ca. 31 cm; Height: ca. 54 cm 


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