"CopperGarden" still Alembic 2L electric

Would you like to distil schnapps? We would recommend this table still: uncomplicated, practical, safe, functional and economical! What more could one want?

Item number: E-1510
Product weight: 4250 g
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"CopperGarden" still Alembic 2L electric

   This practical table still is, in our opinion, the perfect beginner´s model, if you are thinking about buying a still for distilling schnapps. We consider this still to be an optimal and economical beginner´s version for the hobby user. You receive a well-designed and reliably functioning piece of equipment which can be set up in minutes and used for schnapps distillation. Thanks to the compact size, when the still is not in use it can be placed decoratively on a shelf.

   We recommend this still for beginners as a new hobby still, especially if you enjoy converting wine to brandy or beer into beer schnapps (whisky). Due to the reliable two liter capacity boiler you can even distil your own mash, and in addition distil real fruit schnapps and fine spirits yourself. The production of whisky is also no problem, and when you want to distil something different this still is also suitable for the distillation of herbs steeped in alcohol and herbal distillates.

   The boiler has the shape of a traditional alembic which is generally recommended as the ideal still for very flavorful distillates. The condenser is fitted with a cool water intake below and an overflow tube at the top. For lengthy or difficult distilling you can even connect a cool water circulation system. During distillation it is usually sufficient if you close the intake and fill the condenser with crushed ice for comfortable distilling during dinner. The amount you can distil with this table still is enough to fill one or two bottles of your own home-made schnapps.


Important information:

Distillation is strictly regulated or even forbidden in some countries. Please inform yourself and pay attention to the regulations in your country. We can ship worldwide, but we cannot check if you are allowed to own a still. Shipping within the EU is completely unrestricted. For shipping to countries outside the EU we have to affix the invoice and shipping list to the outside of the package. Up to now we have never had problems with the importation of our stills into other countries. 



  • Alembic table still 2 liters
  • Optimal schnapps still for beginners
  • Well-designed, safe, practical, economical
  • Electric version with 500 watts output (UK adapter not included)
  • EU brand name quality, hotplate from German manufacturer

<ul> <li><strong>Alambik Table-top Still</strong>&nbsp;2 litres</li> <li>electric version with&nbsp;500 Watt</li> <li>Height: 48.5 cm, Width: 34.7 cm, Depth: 17.5 cm</li> <li>Total weight: 2.250 g</li> <li>Diameter bottom:&nbsp;9.3 cm</li> <li>Diameter cooling water in- and outlet: 8 mm, suitable hose: <a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/en/flexible-plastic-tubing-clear-and-food-safe_845_1747" target="_blank">E-6218</a></li> <li>Diameter distillate outlet:&nbsp;10 mm, suitable hose:<a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/en/spare-part-silicone-hose-for-carboys-with-drain-pipe_1523_2186" target="_blank"> E-8694</a></li></ul>

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