VF Enzyme, 100ml – for liquefying

Highly effective enzyme compound for liquefying grain mash when you want to produce your own vodka, corn schnapps or Whisky.

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VF Enzyme, 100ml - for liquefying grain mash

VF Enzyme from Schliessmann Kellereichemie: This highly effective enzyme compound contains bacterial alpha amylase and was specially optimized for the requirements in the distillation of grain mash. The enzyme breaks down the amylose and amylopectin contained in grain, which leads to a faster liquifaction of your mash. Furthermore, the enzymes are temperature-resistant to 75° C and forgive any irregularities during the 72°C mashout of your grain mash.

Use: Dilute the required amount of enzyme with 10 times the amount of water and add the mixture to the mash. In order to liquefy the mash allow a second mashout of at least 30 minutes at about 72°C. Per 100 kilos grain you need only 20 ml of this excellent enzyme compound. The bottle is sufficient for 500 kilos of grain. 

  • VF Enzyme 100 ml bottle
  • For liquefying mash containing starch 
  • German manufacture (Schliessmann Kellerei Chemie)

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