"Arauner" Vaseline Oil (1L)

A litre of Vaseline oil to grease and seal.

Item number: U-2958
Product weight: 920 g
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"Arauner" Vaseline Oil (1L)

One litre of medical grade pure Vaseline oil in a stable plastic bottle. Vaseline oil is appropriate for foodstuffs, is alcohol resistant and is used in the process of making drinks to keep the surface of fruit juices or mash airtight. Vaseline oil floats to the surface and forms a seal.

 Can also be used as a sealing agent for our stainless steel storage containers, to make the lid airtight.


•    Pure medical grade Vaseline oil
•    One litre in a plastic bottle
•    To grease and seal
•    Appropriate for foodstuffs


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