"Baumalu" Sauce & marmalade pot / saucepan (40 cm) made of heavy copper

An open mixing pot / saucepan in heavy copper for simmering and preparing polenta, sauces and desserts. Many dishes are guaranteed to turn out better in copper pots: marmalade, roasted almonds, butterscotch, chocolate, etc.

Item number: E-4139
Product weight: 3250 g
Shipping Weight: 5350 g


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"Baumalu" Sauce & marmalade pot / saucepan (40 cm) made of heavy copper

"Baumalu" Sauce and jam saucepan: a top quality pot for mixing, hand-forged out of heavy quality, plain copper. It is just like the ones used in professional kitchens, especially for preparing sweet dishes (marmelade, jam, roasted almonds, butterscotch, candy, chocolate, etc.), or mixing sauces or Italian polenta. 

  In France such pots are used preferably for cooking jam. It is said that when jam is prepared in a copper pot, gelling sugar is not necessary. Jam gels in copper without additives! We tried it out with blackberries and can confirm that.

  • Hand-forged copper pot
  • EU brand name quality from "Baumalu"
  • Diameter top: 390 mm,  bottom: 260 mm, height: 150 mm
  • Copper weight: 3 kg, shipping weight: 4 kg, hold. capacity: ca. 12 liters
  • Bottom suitable for open fire, gas and electric burners

<ul> <li>Heavy copper quality</li> <li>Top diameter:&nbsp;400 mm</li> <li>Bottom diameter:&nbsp;260 mm</li> <li>Height: 150 mm</li> <li>Holding capacity: ca. 12 L</li> <li>Suitable for open fire, gas stoves and electric hobs (not for induction)</li> <li>best heat conductivity</li> <li>Jam can be cooked in copper without a gelling agent</li></ul>

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