"Ferrari" bottling equipment with 2 filler nozzles

Practical equipment for comfortably filling two bottles at a time or alternately – a big help if you have large amounts of cider, juice, schnapps or wine to bottle.

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"Ferrari" bottling equipment with 2 filling nozzles

   Small bottling equipment made of lacquered metal for comfortably filling two bottles at a time. Ideal when you want to fill your wine, juice or schnapps hygienically and professionally into bottles. We decided in favour of this semi-professional bottling equipment because you can also use it very efficiently for more advanced hobby work.

   The equipment is fitted with a valve for filling bottles. As soon as a bottle is attached and a little pressure applied, the liquid begins to flow all by itself. The container can also be directly connected to a cask or a large storage container by way of an automatic shut-off valve. It is impossible for the liquid to overflow, so you can sit relaxed on a stool in front of the equipment and constantly fill two bottles at a time (or alternating) without having to worry about the intake.

  • Bottling equipment from Ferrari
  • 2 filling nozzles with valves
  • Replacement parts available from us 
  • Automatic intake 
  • Suitable for hobby and commercial use 

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