"CopperGarden®“ copper pot 8L, smooth with handle

Economical copper pot for beginner and professional cooks. Cook in proper style in genuine copper like the masters of fine cuisine.

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"CopperGarden" copper pot 8L, smooth with handle

   This copper CopperGarden® multi-purpose pot with cover can even be used on an open fire thanks to the wrought iron handle. Naturally, it can also be decoratively hung up in the kitchen - especially when the copper is allowed to mature in color, these pots are a pleasure to look at. 

   These plain copper pots are ideally suitable for simple dumplings or noodles, as well as for all stews, soups and for all kinds of traditional specialities. Favorite dishes which are guaranteed to turn out well in copper are: Italian polenta, Galician squid, fondue, risotto, couscous, marmalade, chocolate, marzipan, butterscotch, whipped egg whites, roasted almonds, all milk dishes, cheese, brandy punch, beer, mulled wine.  

   Please note: The pot offered here is made out of genuine copper, plain and untreated. Acid attacks copper, therefore food containing acid (lemon, vinegar, white wine) should not be left in a copper pot. Many dishes turn out better when prepared in copper, for example, marmalade. For the preparation of marmalade in a copper pot you do not have to use preserving sugar, but the leftovers should be removed immediately afterwards from the pot because of the fruit acid and the pot quickly rinsed and dried.

  • CopperGarden copper pot
  • Approx. 24 cm diameter, 8 liter capacity
  • Plain copper with smooth surface  
  • With wrought iron handle for hanging up
  • Economical multi-purpose pot  

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