Copper cleaning brush with natural bristles

Handy natural brush made of wood with a natural bristle mix. Optimal cleaning results without damaging the copper or the coating in your copper cookware.

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Copper cleaning brush with natural bristles 

We would recommend this brush for all copper pots. It is very practical and offers powerful cleaning performance, neither scratching the coating in your copper cookware nor pure copper surfaces. Thanks to the direct grip, you can work with a lot of pressure and easily remove even stubborn residues. The round handle makes it easier to do circular scrubbing, as is best in pans and pots.

You will see that scrubbing can even be fun with this brush and your valuable pots will quickly shine in their old glory, even if you burned food in your cookware.

Note: To clean the inside of copper pots, we recommend pouring citric acid into the pot with hot water and leaving it to stand for at least 15 minutes, depending on how dirty it is. Then empty the pan or pot and rub well with a mild washing-up liquid and the brush, rinse with clear water and dry well.

  • Handy brush made of wood, 3 different bristle types
  • Ideal bristle mix with high cleaning efficiency, does not leave scratches on copper surfaces or coating
  • Specially made for copper and coatings
  • Wooden brush, made in EU, sustainable production

<h2>Copper cleaning brush with natural bristles&nbsp;</h2> <ul> <li>Practical wooden brush with natural bristles</li> <li>3 different bristle types</li> <li>Does not scratch coated surfaces or copper</li> <li>Material: untreated beechwood</li> <li>Specifications: 5&nbsp;cm diameter, height: ca. 8&nbsp;mm</li> <li>Sustainable &amp; Vegan</li> <li>Handmade in&nbsp;Europa</li> <li>Perfect form to reach even difficult spots</li> <li>Special softness for optimal cleaning results without leaving scratches</li> <li>For all coatings and materials</li> <li>For copper, tin, ceramic, plastic, glass&nbsp;etc, ...</li></ul>

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