"CopperGarden®" 5-Liter Copper Macerator

5 liter "CopperGarden®" Maceration Vessel: Pure copper & 100% pure tin lining, temp-resistant. Suitable for infusions, liqueurs, remedies. Sustainable & vegan. CO2-neutral shipping from Germany

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"CopperGarden®" Macerator 5 Liter

The original CopperGarden Macerator holds up to 5 liters, providing a very practical size for creating your own macerates, whether for personal or commercial use. The container is completely handcrafted from copper and lined with 100% pure tin, making it food-safe and non-stick, preventing any reactions between the copper and your macerates and making for easy cleaning. Upon request, we can also craft an unlined version.

The container comes with a copper lid, two perforated inserts, and a brass drain valve that can be replaced. You can infuse various herbs, flowers, woods, and roots (medicinal and aromatic plants) in alcohol, water, or oil, and optimally macerate them in a light-protected environment.

Once the maceration time is complete, your macerate can be poured directly from the valve. Thanks to the wonderful material properties of copper and the high-quality welded components, this wonderful maceration vessel can also be heated and used for digestion (warm infusion) if placed on a stove top. It is heat-resistant up to over 100 degrees Celsius.

You are getting a wonderful device for producing cold, warm, and hot infusions for all medicinal remedies, brewed spirits (gin), herb oils, liqueurs, tinctures, and other macerates.

  • "CopperGarden®" 5 Liter Copper Maceration Vessel with 2 Inserts, Lid, and screwed Brass Tap
  • Handcrafted manufacturer's quality made of pure copper with 100% pure tin, food-safe and non-stick
  • For making brewed infusions, liqueurs, medicinal remedies, tinctures, herbal extracts, oils, and all kinds of other macerates
  • Temperature-resistant! Suitable for cold, warm, and hot extracts (macerations & digestion)
  • Sustainable quality | Vegan production (free from animal products) | CO2-neutral shipping directly from the Rhön

<ul> <li>5-liter copper vessel for maceration and digestion purposes</li> <li>100% pure tin food-safe coating</li> <li>Comes with 2 fine herbal sieves</li> <li>Equipped with a brass draining tap</li> <li>5-liter volume capacity</li> <li>Height with lid is 30 cm</li> <li>Top outer lid diameter is 17.5 cm</li> <li>Bottom diameter (for hot plate) is 16 cm</li> <li>We recommend the 14.5 cm Rommelsbacher Blitzkochplatte for digestion purposes</li> <li>Suitable for making liqueurs, natural products, herbal oils, remedies, gin, and more</li> <li>Suitable for cold and warm maceration methods</li> <li>Weighs approximately 1.5 kg (sample weighed at 1,519 grams)</li></ul>

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