Egyptian Perfume Bottle, mixed colours and sizes

Egyptian handmade perfume bottles - randomly mixed in colour and size! For perfumes, essential oils, hydrosols or just as a beautiful decoration in your home.

Item number: E-1893
Product weight: 15 g
Shipping Weight: 100 g


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Egyptian Perfume Bottle, glass: red, yellow, blue, green

Beautiful multicoloured perfume flasks from Egypt. Perfect for self-made perfumes, essential oils, hydrosols and other liquids. Very decorative!

Each perfume bottle is made by hand. The pictures reflect a small selection.

The flasks are selected randomly in colour and size. A wide variety is guaranteed for larger orders.


  • Egyptian perfume bottle, glass
  • Handmade, every flask is unique
  • Colour and size can vary, randomly mixed
  • Delivery includes: 1 perfume bottle, randomly selected

<ul> <li>Egyptian perfume bottle, glass</li> <li>Handmade, every flask is unique</li> <li>Colour and size can vary, randomly mixed</li> <li>Delivery includes: 1 perfume bottle, randomly selected</li></ul>

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