Set: Rubber Cap 44 mm & fermentation lock "Hobby"

A rubber cap with 44 mm diameter and a tiny 10 mm hole for the enclosed fermentation lock "Hobby".

Item number: T-8111
Product weight: 60 g
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SET: Rubber cap 44 mm & fermentation lock Hobby (for 5 litre carboy)

Fermentation lock & rubber cap cheaper in set: a rubber cap with an inner diameter of 44 cm and a 10 cm hole plus the multi-part fermentation lock „Hobby“. We recommend this combination for beginners who really only want to prepare small amounts of mash.

At the same time we want to point out that smaller amounts of mash ferment worse and that the alcohol yield is on the whole lower. It is said that less than 5 liters of mash do not ferment well – that is why we advise preparing larger amounts.

The ideal economical set for beginners in combination with a 5 liter carboy.  


  • Fermentaion lock "Hobby"
  • Fermentation cap with 44 mm inner diameter
  • Ideal for fermenting smaller amounts 

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