Cooking spoon / mash spoon XL, 60 cm long

Large wooden spoon. Ideal for our copper boilers and pots, or as mash spoons for stirring the mash in the fermentation containers.

Item number: E-6300
Product weight: 110 g
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Cooking spoon / mash spoon: during mashing you should stir the whole mash now and then in order to allow the yeast to come into contact with oxygen and to blend the contents better. That increases the yield and the aroma, because the yeast can then do its job more reliably.

With smaller fermentation containers this is not a problem, since you can lift the container and simply shake the contents - with larger containers we recommend that you open the container and mix the mash with one of our large wooden spoons.

When doing this, please always be careful of the necessary hygiene and wash the spoon immediately after use. The must always be clean in order to prevent undesired bacteria getting into your mash. 

Of course, the mash spoon is also an excellent cooking spoon, especially when you cook in one of our large copper pots and cannot reach the bottom of the pot with normal cooking spoons.

  • 60 cm long = XL cooking spoon
  • light colored wood, natural & untreated 
  • does not scratch the coating of pots 
  • does not become hot 
  • stirring surface: L 8 cm x W 9 cm


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