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Set: alcoholmeter & graduated measuring glass

Alcoholmeter 0 - 100% with thermometer and a 100ml graduated measuring glass for easily measuring the percent of alcohol. German brand name quality.

Item No.: T-2126

Shipping weight: 400 g

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Set: alcoholmeter & graduated measuring glass 

This alcoholmeter measures the alcohol content of your self-distilled spirits and should not be absent during any distillation. An alcoholmeter is also necessary for adjusting  the amount of alcohol in your finished product.

Thanks to the integrated thermometer, you can immediately correct any deviations from the ideal temperature of 20° celcius. The alcoholmeter is supplied with a plastic cover and detailed instructions for use. 

An appropriate graduated measuring glass is also included for practical and easy measuring.


  • Set for measuring the alcohol content in spirits 
  • German manufacture & brand name quality (Hecht & Al-Ambik®)
  • Top quality universal alcoholmeter with thermometer 0-100
  • Also for smaller amounts of alcohol  


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