"Prestige" ouzo essence - 20ml

Make your own ouzo easily - it is really easy with this aroma essence!

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"Prestige" ouzo - 20ml essence

Prestige ouzo essence - for 0,75lLiters ouzo, the tasty Greek anise schnapps.  

   Add the contents to 0,75 liters of a tastless alcohol (self-distilled with turbo yeast / sugar water – or purchased vodka / Korn), let the mixture stand for a while and you will obtain a Greek anise which could hardly be more genuine or delicious.

  • Ouzo anise schnapps aroma essence 
  • 20 ml = sufficient for 0,75 liters ouzo  
  • In reclosable glass bottle  
  • Also suitable for cooking - without alcohol
  • Ingredients: natural anise essence, star anise extract and oil

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