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Arauner Airlock "Hobby I" for winemaking

Practical two-piece airlock: Reliably prevents the contamination of your wine with bacteria and unwanted wild yeasts.

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Arauner Airlock "Hobby I"

Two-piece airlock "Hobby I" in a small box with user manual. Ideal for winemaking, it prevents bacteria, impurities and unwanted wild yeasts from entering the wine

An airlock is a good indicator for the end of the fermentation process. Once gases do not escape the airlock any longer, the fermentation is about to be complete.

The "Hobby I" is a small-sized airlock for hobby use and fits demijohns and must containers to a size of up to 100 litres. Fermentations with turbo yeast require a larger airlock or should only be used for a maximum amount of 25 litres.

A rubber plug or a fermenting cap should be used with the airlock and is not included in delivery. It will fit any size with a 10 mm hole.


  • Arauner two-piece airlock "Hobby"
  • Easy to clean, transparent plastic material
  • Food-proof and alcohol-resistant, for up to 100 litres of wine
  • Specifications: Total length: 8,5 cm, Width: ca. 3,5 cm, Bottom diameter: ca. 1 cm
  • Rubber plug not included in delivery


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