"Ardes" infrared hotplate 19 cm, 1200 watts

Cook wherever you want to. The infrared single hotplate with its 19 cm diameter is perfectly suitable for middle-sized pots, pans and stills.

Item number: U-2317
Product weight: 1500 g
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"Ardes" infrared hotplate 19 cm, 1200 watts

Would you like to cook where it is convenient for you? With this electric single hot plate from Ardes in Italy that is no problem. Whether you want a hot plate for an espresso pot, or to cook your marmalade in the garden, prepare paella on the table at a party, or you just need another cooking appliance in the kitchen – with the 19 cm diameter hotplate you are always ready for action.

   The electric hot plate is made of top quality material. The burner has a diameter of 19 cm and is suitable for middle-sized pots, cauldrons or stills, and the output of 1200 watts is quite impressive for this size.

  • Single hotplate 
  • 1200 watts, CE Norm
  • 19 cm diameter burner
  • Italian brand name quality from Ardes

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