"Berk" Geranium Bourbon essential oil (from certified organic agriculture) 5 ml

100% natural essential oil, from Egyptian certified organic agriculture

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"Berk" Geranium Bourbon essential oil –  from certified organic agriculture – 5 ml

This harmoniously fragranced essential oil is 100% natural and is made of Egyptian rose geranium from certified organic cultivations. By distilling the flowers and stalks using reduced vapour pressure, the finest quality of this beautifully rose-fragranced essential oil is obtained.

As this quality essential oil is extracted from an organic production, it can safely be used for aromatherapy or to produce natural perfumes.

Geranium Bourbon essence has a fruity-rosy fragrance said to be aphrodisiac, providing a positive stimulus and is very feminine.
This essential oil makes a wonderful indoor perfume for your living space, relaxing and sense seducing. In perfumery, it is mostly used as a middle note along with other fragrances, especially in perfumes for women.


  • Geranium Bourbon – 100% natural essential oil, from certified organic cultivations
  • In a brown glass jar with dropper cap - 5 ml
  • Gently extracted by steam distillation 
  • Berk = a great brand with high quality standards 
  • Middle note: a noble fragrance, fruity and rosy, at a time relaxing and aphrodisiac. 


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