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NEW: „CopperGarden®" LEONARDO® Classic 2 Litres ❁ Helge Schmickl

„CopperGarden®" LEONARDO® 2 Litres ❁ Licence manufactured in the CopperGarden® forge ❁ by courtesy of Helge Schmickl ❁ German version 2018 ❁ with copper sieve; Release Date: June 20th, 2018

Item No.: E-5129

Shipping weight: 3800 g

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LEONARDO 2 litres for essential oils and hydrosols

Licence manufacturing by the CopperGarden® forge by courtesy of Helge Schmickl. Ideal for the production of essential oils, hydrosols and distilled water.

Unlike the Austrian version, our Leonardo comes with aroma sieve that can be placed above approx. 1.75 litres. Maximum holding capacity: 2 litres.

The CopperGarden® LEONARDO is made of copper and one of the best choices for essential oils. The steam pathways are short and the column space extra large to fit plenty of plant material. 

Important note: Distilling is restricted and even prohibited in many countries. Please inform yourself about your local laws prior to purchasing and operating a copper still. Distilling essential oils and hydrosols is legal in most countries upon registering the still with the authorities.


  • 2 Liter CopperGarden® Leonardo for the production of essential oils and hydrosols - new model 2018, by courtesy of Dr. Helge Schmickl
  • Practical still with aroma sieve, perfect for hobby use 
  • Release date: June 20th, 2018


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