"CopperGarden®" still Alquitara 75 liters for essential oils

Large Alquitara still with 75 liter boiler specially for the production of essential oils

Item number: E-0087
Product weight: 24000 g
Shipping Weight: 59000 g


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"CopperGarden®" still Alquitara 75 liters for essential oils

   This special size of our unique alquitara still for distilling essential oils is an “intermediate size”, and is only forged after we receive your order. Within 4 to 8 weeks you receive an brand new still specially forged for you by the CopperGarden coppersmith´s. Please note that the delivery time can vary depending on the workload in our forge, but our coppersmiths always do their best and, if necessary, are happy to work overtime to complete your order.

   If you need the still urgently, we recommend that you order the 50 or 100 liter model, because we usually have these sizes in stock and they are immediately available for delivery from our showroom near Fulda, in the middle of Germany.

  • Alquitara 75 liter still
  • With three aroma sieves
  • Hand-forged completely out of copper
  • Crafted after receipt of order

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