Cherry Wood Spatula - 30 cm

Beautiful spatula made of oiled cherry wood with a fine grain. Thanks to the long handle, this spatula is ideal for picking up hot food and serving in larger pans.

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Cherry wood spatula 30 cm

This beautiful spatula straight from nature is sure to bring fun to your kitchen. The fine but sturdy cherry wood will surely not scratch the surface of your valuable pots and pans and is strong enough that you can master every task in the kitchen fabulously. We also use the spatula for scraping, piling, lifting, pushing, poking and stirring.

Wood is the best material for cooking. Cherry wood is the upper class, not only because of the beautiful exterior. It is environmentally neutral, completely harmless to health and also ideally suited for vegan cuisine. A wooden scraper that we love ourselves and that we recommend as an accessory to our equally beautiful copper pans and pots. That goes together and has another advantage: Wood does not get hot.

Cherry wood is much denser, more robust and finer in structure than the otherwise often used beechwood or the often massive olive wood. You can use a spatula made of cherry wood for much longer than one made of beech wood. Maybe even for a lifetime. So that you can enjoy this spoon for a long time, we recommend that you rub it with good oil from time to time. In any case, it will not take on the aroma or color of your dishes as easily as a "normal" wooden spoon likes to do.

  • 30 cm spatula made of beautiful cherry wood - each piece is UNIQUE
  • Handmade from natural, finely sanded local cherry wood
  • Guaranteed not to scratch the coating or material of your pans
  • Vegan production in the EU without animal products
  • The perfect addition to all copper pans and pots

<h2>Spatula made of olive wood</h2> <ul> <li>Sturdy spatula for pots and pans</li> <li>scratch-proof, ideal for coated cookware</li> <li>Material: fine olive wood</li> <li>Specifications: ca. 30 cm long</li> <li>Width: 7 cm diameter</li> <li>Height: ca. 5 mm</li> <li>Weight: ca 80 g</li> <li>Sustainable &amp; Vegan</li> <li>Handmade in Tunisia</li> <li>Handle remains cool during cooking</li> <li>For all coatings and materials</li> <li>For copper, tin, ceramic, plastic, glass etc, ...</li></ul>

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