"CopperGarden®" copper Turkish coffee pot (M)

Medium Turkish coffee pot for warming up milk (for coffee) or for preparing real Turkish coffee.

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"CopperGarden®" copper Turkish coffee pot (medium)

Turkish coffee pot: oriental Turkish coffee pot made of copper (tin-plated inside) with wooden handle so that you do not burn yourself while making coffee. Guaranteed to be the right pot for the perfect Turkish coffee, and it is available in three sizes. The picture shows the medium size.

How to prepare the perfect Turkish coffee:
You need a Turkish coffee pot (also called cezve) and, ideally, a very finely ground African coffee (or real Turkish coffee). For each cup, put up to two teaspoons of coffee in the pot, and add sugar and spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom) to taste. Then fill the pot with water and slowly bring the contents to a boil. At the same time you can submerge the coffee powder with a spoon and stir lightly.

When the mixture begins to boil and froth up, remove the pot from the fire and stir. Replace the pot on the fire and allow it to come to a boil and stir again. This process should be repeated three times, and then the coffee can be poured into the cups.  

If you want you can transfer the froth to the cup using a spoon when it comes to a boil the first time.

  • Turkish coffee pot – medium
  • Tin-plated, food-safe , European brand name quality 
  • With long wooden handle so that you do not burn yourself
  • Copper sheet thickness: ca. 0.5 mm
  • Also good for warming up milk , 8 cm diameter, 7,5 cm high, Capacity: ca. 210 ml

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