"Ferrari" variable volume-floating lid for stainless steel storage container 50 L

The appropriate variable volume-floating lid for each 50 liter stainless steel storage container from Ferrari - this lid prevents bacteria from contaminating your juice and cider.

Item number: E-7970
Product weight: 700 g
Shipping Weight: 1000 g


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This variable volume-floating lid fits exactly in the 50 liter Ferrari stainless steel storage container and thus completely separates the surface of the liquid from the air and the bacteria it contains. The infiltration of contaminants in your juice, wine, cider, water or schnapps is effectively prevented.

We recommend the application of a few drops of oil to the side of the container in order to seal the last hundreth of a millimeter. Vaseline would be ideal - but you can use any kind of cooking oil.  

  • EU brand quality from Italy 
  • Antibacterial stainless steel   
  • Fits the 50 liter stainless steel storage containers
  • Immediate delivery from warehouse  
  • Optimal protection for your beverages  

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