Yeast Nutrient Salt 10 g

Nutrient salt mixture to provide the yeast cultures with all the minerals needed to be able to convert sugar into alcohol and for the yeast to grow fast.

Item number: A-0226
Product weight: 10 g
Shipping Weight: 30 g


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   The salt is necessary to feed the yeast cultures while converting sugar into alcohol in the mash. This way the amount of yeast cultures will increase as fast as possible for optimal fermentation and maximum alcohol yield.

   The yeast nutrient salt will be delivered in a little bag with imprinted directions, providing 10 g of salt for up to 25 liters of mash. For 100 liters of fruit mash, a maximum of 40 g nutrient salt should be added. It is compatible with all provided yeast culture products, although not necessarily needed for turbo yeast.

  • This mixture does not contain yeast cultures

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