"CopperGarden®" Copper Pot ø28 cm | 12 Liters hammered with handle & lid.

Copper pot with hammered surface and forged iron handle. Best craftsmanship - you can even cook on an open fire with it!

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"CopperGarden®" Copper Pot 12 Liters hammered with handle

This 12-liter large universally usable copper pot with lid can even be hung over an open fire or in a fireplace thanks to the handle. It is best used on a gas stove, and thanks to its high heat resistance, it is also great for outdoor cooking, grilling, or campfires. Cooking in copper is a lot of fun, but we always recommend adding oil or water before heating the pot.

Of course, you can also hang the pot decoratively. Such a magnificent copper pot is guaranteed to be a special eye-catcher, especially if the copper has already developed some color. Copper is a living material and changes its color with each use. Unlike most other materials, copper protects itself over time by developing a darker patina. You can always polish your pot to a high shine if you like; these pots are a true joy for the eyes.

We recommend a bare copper pot like this for cooking pasta or dumplings, as a cheese kettle for all dairy products and cheese making, as a stirring pot for jams and jellies, and for all other desserts and alcoholic beverages like Feuerzangenbowle, punch, mulled wine, and beer brewing. Here are a few examples of favorite dishes that are known to turn out best in copper: Italian polenta, Galician octopus (Pulpo Gallego), fondue, risotto, couscous, jams, chocolates, marzipan, caramel, egg whites, roasted almonds and grains, dairy dishes, cheese, Feuerzangenbowle, beer, and mulled wine.

  • CopperGarden® 12 Liter Copper Pot made of bare copper with lid and forged iron handle for hanging. Hammered design
  • Highly heat-resistant = The ideal pot for gas, embers, fire, outdoor kitchen, and grill (with some compromises in heat transfer for electric hotplates)
  • Material: Bare copper = Antiviral, antibacterial, antimagnetic, antifungal, easy to maintain, and catalytically active against hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide
  • EU brand quality from CopperGarden® manufacture in Portugal = Made with great passion and expertise for you
  • 100% Lead-free processing | Vegan production without animal products | Carbon-neutral shipping from the center of Germany

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<h1>"CopperGardenu00ae" 12 Liter Copper Pot</h1> <ul> <li>Copper pot with handle and lid in a hammered design</li> <li>Equipped with a forged iron handle for hanging directly over a campfire or in a fireplace</li> <li>Ideal pot for Feuerzangenbowle with the perfect matching CopperGardenu00ae specialty accessory Feuerzange</li> <li>Optimal for all gas stoves, hot coals, and open fire (outdoor kitchens &amp; grills)</li> <li>With some limitations in heat transfer, can also be used on electric hotplates</li> <li>Volume: approximately 12 liters up to the brim</li> <li>Large copper pot made of pure copper, complete with lid</li> <li>28 cm diameter inside = 29.5 cm diameter outside</li> <li>Height approximately 24 cm - with lid approximately 28 cm</li> <li>Sustainably produced in a small EU factory (Portugal)</li> <li>Pure materials: Only copper &amp; brass</li> <li>An investment for generations</li> <li>Can be polished or re-shaped to a shiny finish at any time</li> <li>Pure copper = antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal</li> <li>Antimagnetic = induction cannot heat up the pot - does not affect the magnetic field of your food</li> <li>Copper acts as a catalyst and draws out hydrogen sulfide and cyanide from your food (enhancing taste!)</li> <li>Enzymatic effect when boiling: jam jellies without the need for gelling sugar and retains color and flavor for longer</li> <li>Enzymatic effect in traditional cheese-making as a cheese vat: cheese curdles better (even with rennet, etc.)</li> <li>Vegan production without animal materials</li> <li>EU brand quality from CopperGarden Forge</li> <li>Best functional quality based on personal experience</li> <li>Ideal for desserts, jam and jelly, cheese and dairy products, pasta and dumplings, and brewing beer</li> <li>CO2-neutral fast shipping from the center of Germany</li></ul>

<p><strong>Important Notes on Cooking in Copper</strong></p> <p>This copper pot has been hand-forged for you using pure copper and equipped with a sturdy hanging handle made of protective-coated iron. The kettle comes with a flat bottom but a slightly curved base and can be used on electric hotplates with some compromises in heat transfer.</p> <p>If you cook with gas, over a fire, or directly in the embers, you can heat the kettle very efficiently. Copper remains resistant up to nearly 1,000 degrees. However, we still recommend that you never heat the kettle empty and add oil or water in time.</p> <p>Due to the brilliant properties of bare copper, you can perfectly produce things like jam, cheese, or roasted almonds. However, you should avoid leaving cooked food in the kettle. If you also intend to serve from the kettle or use it for all types of food like a regular cooking pot, we recommend selecting a tinned pot or kettle. Tin is heat resistant up to 232 degrees and protects both the copper and your food.</p>

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