"Baumalu" Sauce & marmalade pot / saucepan (26 cm) made of heavy copper

Traditional CopperGarden® marmalade / chocolate saucepan made of copper with a diameter of about 26 cm, suitable for open fire, gas and electric burners.

Item number: E-4184
Product weight: 985 g
Shipping Weight: 2000 g


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"Baumalu" Marmalade pot / saucepan

A shallow pot from the brand "Baumalu" made of heavy copper with practical handles on the side, just like those used in every good kitchen. It is ideal for cooking delicious marmalade, but is also especially suitable for smoothly mixing chocolate, for simmering and preparing self-made sauces. The saucepan is completely made of plain copper with brass handles.

  • "Baumalu"  EU brand name
  • Upper diameter: 275 mm, bottom diameter: 150 mm, height: 155 mm
  • Weight of copper: 1,1 kg, shipping weight: 1,9 kg
  • Bottom suitable for open fire, gas and electric burners, with limitations 

<ul> <li>Diameter (top): ca. 285&nbsp;mm</li> <li>Diameter (bottom): ca.&nbsp;190 mm</li> <li>Height: ca. 110 mm</li> <li>Copper weight: ca. 1 kg</li> <li>Shipping weight: ca. 1.9 kg</li> <li>Suitable for open fire and gas, limited use on electric stoves</li> <li>Holding capacity: ca. 4 L</li></ul>

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