"CopperGarden®" Copper frying pan (28 cm) with handles

Large frying pan made of copper, sturdy and indestructible, and the inner surface is tin-plated and food-safe so that you can cook acid food.

Item number: U-1007
Product weight: 1260 g
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CopperGarden copper frying pan, 28cm tin-plated with handles

Hand-forged frying pan made of indestructible copper with two practical handles on the side. This sturdy copper pan is suitable for all dishes due to the food-safe, tin-plated coating. Even if you cook with lemon and other acidic food, the copper remains protected and does not release copper sulfate into the food. 

   The ideal frying pan for all chefs who want to benefit from the incredible features of copper. The pan offers all the advantages of copper, e.g. very superior heat conductivity. Due to the tin-plating it is nevertheless suitable for all kinds of food and can be used by beginners without hesitation.

  Our chef has had one of these frying pans in hard, daily use for two years and thinks it is the best pan he has ever used. At any rate, we can recommend this type of frying pan with a clear conscience, also for newcomers to cooking with copper. 

  • Copper frying pan 
  • Diameter: 28 cm
  • Food-safe tin-plated
  • European brand name quality 
  • Easy to care and indestructible 

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