Schliessmann dry selected yeast, 5G for 25 - 50L

Excellent and straightforward to use, dry selected yeast suitable for must, wine and mash.

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Product weight: 5 g
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Schliessmann dry selected yeast, 5G for 25 -50L

   To activate this excellent dry yeast simply dissolve it in warm water, and 15 minutes later you can add it to your mash. Alternatively, you can also add the yeast directly to your mixture, but then you have to stir well. For this we recommend using a large mash spoon or pouring it directly into the fermentation container.

   The amount of 5 grams is sufficient for properly fermenting 20 to a maximum of 25 liters mash or must. It is delivered in individually packed, air-tight bags with a relatively long shelf life. The ideal yeast to have in stock. For a better fermentation process we recommend adding yeast nutrient salt and paying special attention to the temperature. This yeast should ferment between 16° and 24°C.


  • Dry selected yeast 5 grams
  • Sufficient for up tp 50 liters
  • For must, wine and mash        
  • Uncomplicated multi-purpose yeast
  • 5 g sachet

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