"CopperGarden®" copper pot for Feuerzangenbowle, 10 L, tin-lined

Top-Seller: a sturdy handcrafted copper pot for cooking over an open flame or to use with a gas burner. Very popular for red wine punch/Feuerzangenbowle with our tin-coated sugarloaf holders

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"CopperGarden®"  copper pot for Feuerzangenbowle, 10 L, tin-lined

This beautiful copper witch's cauldron is a true masterpiece from the CopperGarden manufactory and can be used for all types of cooking thanks to the food-safe non-stick tinning. You can use the cauldron to sear, simmer gently for hours or even bake in the oven. The tin coating is 100% food-safe and completely harmless to health, even at high temperatures. Best of all, tin naturally offers the best non-stick properties, can be renewed at any time if necessary and immediately transmits the perfect heat transfer of copper. Copper is known to be the best material in the kitchen anyway, and for good reason.

Thanks to the food-safe tin plating, you can also safely prepare acidic food and drinks, for example a mulled wine or punch in this pot. The tin protects the copper even when you cook with lemon or vinegar.

The kettle is easy to clean and very versatile for use on all hobs except induction and for all types of preparation. It is also ideal for the Feuerzangenbowle or for winter barbecues in the outdoor kitchen.

  • approx. 10 L holding capacity
  • acid-proof, tin-lined interior
  • diamerter (top): approx. 26 cm, diameter (bottom): approx. 18 cm
  • Length: approx. 32 cm,
  • Height: approx. 20 cm

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