"Baumalu" sauté pan 28 cm with lid, tin-lined 4.5 litres

High quality sauté pan in best quality from Baumalu. Suitable for all heat sources, except induction.

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4.5 litre sauté pan, tin-lined interior

This high quality sauté pan made in France will guarantee maxiumum joy in the kitchen. Perfect for sauces, stews and many more delicious dishes. This pan is suitable for fast browning as well as cooking for longer times over the heat source of your choice (except induction). 

It isn't only ideal for cooking but is very appealing to the eyes as well due to the unique look of copper. It will be a real eyecatcher on your table when serving food directly from it. 

Important to know: the pan comes in the best possible finish with wrought-iron handle, reinforced smooth copper and an easy to handle non-stick coating (100 % food-safe tin lining).



  • "Baumalu" 4.5 litres holding capacity, with lid  
  • For all heat sources except induction
  • food-safe tin lining, acid-resistant and non-stick coating
  • Best heat conduction for your kitchen
  • A purchase to last a lifetime

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