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"CopperGarden®" Italia 2.5L electric distillation apparatus with aroma basket

Italia Alembic still with thermometer and electric hotplate. Ready for use distillation apparatus.

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"CopperGarden" Italia 2.5L electric distillation apparatus

Versatile, extra stable, quality copper table still. Excellent for distilling essential oils and alcohol with its large strainer. The Italia distillation still comes with an Al-Ambik distillation thermometer. 

Due to its size and ingenious design, this table still can be used anywhere and is ideal for essential oil extraction and alcohol distillation. It allows distilling straight from the boiler or by using the steam basket (strainer). It’s the ideal alembic still for steam distillation to extract essential oils as well as for distilling a wide range of beverages. 

Due to the short distance covered by the steam in the large retort, you’ll be gaining in aroma concentration. Your spirits will thank you for it…

 This still is very stable as its head is fixed on by 3 screws, which avoids unwanted opening in the case of overpressure. You can distil safely wherever you like. In the garden, the kitchen, at table or in the office.  To heat the apparatus, an electric hotplate, made by "Rommelsbacher" is supplied.

   A compact, modern apparatus for hobby and professional use. This Italia alembic table still unites all our clients’ desires: an optimized boiler, a large head which allows the steam to build up and ease the transport of aromas. Between the boiler and the retort, the aroma strainer (steam basket) allows steam distillation.  This model has an “Al-Ambik” distillation thermometer fitted to the head.

The condenser is screwed onto the neck and a cooling system can be installed when using its water intake and outlet.

  • Width : 350 mm
  • Height : 440 mm (without thermometer)
  • Depth : 170 mm
  • Boiler volume : 2500 ml
  • Materials used : partially hammered and polished copper, wood, wrought iron
  • Made by "CopperGarden"
  • Use : essential oil extraction, alcohol distillation


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