"CopperGarden®" Alembic 0.5 L, electric

A perfect match: hand-forged still for schnapps distillation, complete with a 500 watt electric hot plate.

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CopperGarden® Alembic 0.5 L, electric

Original miniature schnapps still! This traditional and excellent quality alembic still was meticulously hand-forged from heavy copper. It is supplied complete with a special spacer tube for adjusting the height and a 500 watt electric hot plate from the German manufacturer Rommelsbacher.

  This still in combination with the  electric hot plate are suitable for schnapps distillation (especially for brandy, whisky, beer schnapps, Calvados and all kinds of different fruit brandy) and for the distillation of water.  

  The alembic still complies with all the requirements of the German authorities and is approved for private use. A detailed 16-page brochure on use and care is included.    

  • With cool water overflow, brass handles on boiler
  • Boiler made from one piece (no solder seams and sealing)
  • Volume 500 ml, width approx. 290 mm, height approx. 220 mm, depth approx. 120 mm, copper weight approx. 560 grams
  • Ideal for production of strongly flavored alcohol and traditional distillation in general  
  • Supplied with 500 watt travel hot plate (UK adapter not included)


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