"Vaello" deep pan - Cazuela XXL (38cm)

Vaello Cazuela XXL : Extra deep Spanish paella pan for a perfect paella.

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"Vaello" deep pan - Cazuela XXL (38cm)

Extra deep Spanish paella pan, made in Valencia. Ideal for preparing paella, this deep pan can also be used for all sorts of special dishes. 

Large and deep at a time, with its 5cm high rim, it’ll serve up to 12 portions of your favourite food. Perfect for rice recipes, it can also be used outdoors.


  • XXL Extra deep paella pan 
  • Enamelled steel black pan
  • Width: 38 cm diameter at the rim; 32 cm diameter at the bottom
  • Height: 5 cm, Weight: 1100 g
  • EU standards, Made in Spain by Vaello

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<ul> <li>XXL Extra deep paella pan&nbsp;</li> <li>Enamelled steel black pan</li> <li>Width: 38 cm diameter at the rim; 32 cm diameter at the bottom</li> <li>Height: 5 cm</li> <li>Weight: 1100 g</li> <li>EU standards</li> <li>Made in Spain by Vaello</li></ul>

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