"CopperGarden®" copper saucepan with a long handle, 22 cm

Beautiful copper saucepan from the "CopperGarden®" forge for cooking and frying or simply usable as decoration

Item number: E-4504
Product weight: 690 g
Shipping Weight: 2600 g


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   Favorable copper saucepan lovingly handcrafted with a long wrought-iron handle. This sturdy saucepan has been forged with a slightly domed bottom especially suitable for gas stoves or open fire. The use on conventional cooktops is also partially possible except for induction as copper is not magnetic.

   Due to the domed bottom the saucepan does not have full contact to the boiling plate which may result in a longer waiting time until the pan is ready for cooking. This way, it is not as energy-efficient as it would be on a gas stove or open fire, but the good heat conductivity of copper allows for an even distribution of the heat and therefore cooking on electric cooktops would be possible.

The sturdy look makes it equally suitable for decoration!

  • Copper saucepan with a long handle
  • Diameter: 22,5 cm
  • with long wrought-iron handle
  • EU brand quality
  • pure copper, handcrafted

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