Yeast Nutrient Salt 10 x 0,8 g tablets

Yeast nutrient salt for the smallest amounts. Ideal packaging in tablet blister packs – keeps fresh for a long time. Perfect if you only want to prepare small amounts of mash.

Item number: A-0225
Product weight: 18 g
Shipping Weight: 48 g


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   Yeast nutrient salt is food for yeast! Only if there is a sufficient supply of nutrients can the yeast grow rapidly and you can obtain the optimal alcohol yield from your mash. This top quality Arauner yeast nutrient is suitable for all small amounts of mash made of fresh fruits, and is adapted for fresh yeast.


   We supply a pack with 10 tablets, each 0,8 grams. You can add up to 4 grams per 10 liters of fruit mash. A pack is definitely sufficient for at least 20 liters of mash. If you need larger amounts we also supply the yeast nutrient in 10 gram bags – or other brands in even larger packages.


  • 10 tablets, each for 2 liters mash 
  • Ideal for the smallest amounts 
  • Stays fresh for a long time
  • Easy to measure exactly


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